Fluoride is out in Ida Grove

On a 3-2 vote, the Ida Grove City Council decided to not add fluoride to the city water supply. The decision came March 18 following several months of discussion and public input, both for and against the addition of fluoride, which has been in the water supply since 1971, as a method to fight tooth decay.

Over the past few months, proponents of fluoride cited studies saying it is safe, while opponents cited studies saying it is not. In an effort to settle the issue, the council asked citizens to vote via their water bill, which came due on March 15.

The final vote was 461 no and 196 yes. The vote represents about 50 percent of those eligible to vote. The no votes totaled about 70 percent of the total vote.

Councilman Gregor Ernst, who is opposed to the addition of fluoride, noted, “The people have voiced their opinion and it is our responsibility as elected officials to listen. I move that we not add fluoride to the water.”

Councilman Scott Tomlinson seconded the motion.

During the debate prior to the final vote, councilman Doug Clough, who supports the addition of fluoride, noted it was a “tough” vote for him.

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